Monday, 2 August 2010

New additions.

Well, this week has seen the arrival of a few items on my doorstep. Mainly because I've got a little free time and I aim to use it! So, Lone Wolf and Cub v. 22 - 24, BPRD 7-10, Warhammer Invasion LCG and The Warhammer 8th ed. rule book. There's more to come, but one thing at a time - sort of.

I read the Lone Wolfs (wolves?) and the series is moving dramatically to its conclusion. The story is as gripping as ever. The son and father in their meifumado (look it up!) and the final battles against their mortal enemy. Consistently, well paced and thoughtfully drawn. Yes, there is adult content, it's not for kids - but for a discerning reader it has incredible qualities and you soon forget that you have been looking at the glossary. It has meticulous attention to detail ; there is a real sense of place and the community. Also, despite the way in which Ogami Itto embraces death and destruction there is a real humble humanity about him that ensures our sympathies. I suppose that is the real point. It is not simply a tale of revenge.

As a quick added point I have just played through the first few starter sessions of Battle for Skull Pass. I have to say that it was all nice and easy. I really like the range of figures. Great for the price. I do realise I will have to adapt what I have learnt with the new edition but there you go... Any way, it all went OK. You do need trays for the figures though - compared to my starter efforts at 40K, movement is a right royal pain without them. Overall, I kept having to look at the stats but my 12 year old got them straight away. Shows something I guess!!
I did wonder about the Flee rule - I felt it might mean that low Leadership troops would be forever running away -but it didn't work out like that- perhaps only because of favourable dice rolls though. We shall see.
Nevertheless will move on to full starter scenario - then the 3 Advanced Scenarios on the Games Workshop website and let you know how they go. At the moment it seems quite accessible and I like the way you can get into the game before knowing the more complex rules.

I think you all ought to know I took back Final Fantasy XIII - I loved the graphics and the gameplay but it was more than my mind could take in terms of intellectual /time investment. I am ashamed to admit this. I really didn't understand the weapons upgrade system and I couldn't work out how to get really good. I hang my head. So I'm going back to Elder Scrolls : Oblivion for RPG and have bought Uncharted 2 to shoot stuff.

Time black hole approaches.


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