Monday, 16 August 2010

From the archives.

Thought I'd post a few of my previous painting efforts - given that graphic novels have caused a bit of a 'go-slow' on the Rune Priest front. These represent me painting slowly too! I have obviously taken the pictures too close. All blemishes are writ large. However, at a distance these look OK. I know not all advanced painting techniques are represented - I'm not an advanced painter - but you get to a point where you have to stop painting and move on  - so here we are. the Inquisitor Lorr and (original ) Cpt. Sicarius are special edition models I think, though Sicarius has been revamped since. I still think Lorr is a cool model. See what you think.

Cpt. Sicarius
Inquisitor Lorr

Ultramarine Jump Chaplain
Ultramarine Sergeant


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