Friday, 24 August 2012

Painting Cygnar Commander Coleman Stryker.

So here goes - a series of posts describing how I got to where I got to! It's a painting by numbers guide to see what occurred. Feel free to leave me any advice and tips!

This particular Stryker is from the plastic Cygnar Battlegroup and I used a combination of Formula P3 paints and GW/Citadel. It was quite easy to put together but you need to clean all mold lines before you do as some are quite inaccessible after assembly. I left the sword arm off to paint and add later to allow a bit more 'space'.

Step one was the spray black undercoat.

Step two - I used P3 Battlefield Brown for the base colour for the gloves, trousers and gold armour.

Step three - GW Chainmail on silver metal tubing, pipes, buckles and chain armour. P3 Gun Corps Brown on the cloak, 'loin' cloth and wooden handle of pistol. The lighter brown leather colours on gloves, boots and straps was P3 Bootstrap Leather. The blue trim on shoulder and cloak is P3 Exile Blue followed by the P3 Cygnar Blue Base. The face is GW Bugman's Glow. The gold is GW Gehenna's Gold which I found to be quite reddish/orange compared to the old GW Shining Gold.


 With me so far? Take a breath...

Step five - HAIR! I wanted to follow the art from the Warmachine rulebooks so I went for a quite cartoon-like hair colour. Thinking about it I thought might tone it down, it looks like his head's on fire - but then again why not have it a bit extreme? Thus I left it. GW Mournfang Brown undercoat, then Blazing Orange, which I mixed with GW Golden Yellow to get the highlights. Before I added the highlights I put on a GW Reikland Flesh wash.

Head on fire.

Orange Armour...
 Step six - I added some P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight to Blue Base to begin highlighting the blue trip. I will wash with  GW Azureman Blue and then highlight again. There is GW Gryphone Sepia on the Gold armour and GW Nuln Oil on the silver metal. The goggles have  GW Codex Grey rims and will have dark to light blue highlights eventually. Finally, I used P3 Rucksack Tan on the trousers and used GW Agrax Earthshade wash on the leather straps etc. Still not sure what to do with the gun wrist yet.

Step seven - I didn't like the way the gold was coming out - it was too orange. So I mixed GW Burnished Gold and GW Chainmail and drybrushed heavily. I then used GW Agrax Earthsade wash with some water to get a duller more subdued gold.

Step eight - I added P3 Arcane Blue to the previous blues to get a little highlight on the trim etc. but no wash yet. I added GW Mournfang Brown to some of the pouches and other strapping for variety and used the brown GW Agrax Earthshade on these. I also retouched some of the trousers to get a more even paintjob. There you go. Next up the cloak and highlights to the armour and washes to the trousers and the wrist and... Laters...


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