Thursday, 9 August 2012

Flames Of War - British Sherman V,StuG g - painting of.

A quick post to cover the painting of the first two models from the Actung! Flames Of War Starter Set.

A) British Sherman V.

Vallejo Russian Uniform - armour.
Citadel Boltgun Metal - tracks/metal.
P3 Gun Corps Brown - straps/wood/boxes/handles.
Citadel Desert Yellow/Catachan Green - fabric stowage.
Citadel Gryphone Sepia/ Devaln Mud wash over most of model. Devlan only on tracks.

Citadel Kommando Khaki - uniform.

I'm fairly happy with the outcome though the wash makes the model slightly shiny. Matt varnish and decals needed...

StuG G Middlestone  (a very Shiny paint) from Vallejo for the armour colour. As above for everything else.

Vallejo Reflective Green and Flat Brown for the stippled camouflage. Not exactly happy with the effect but it looks OK with Gryphone Sepia wash all over. Some more skill needed with the stippling effect but it looks acceptable. Decals needed.

Finished  one of each.One more StuG G and two more Sherman Vs to go. See Monkeyreado vids. on YouTube too.


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