Friday, 22 February 2013

Open Fire! A Flames Of War starting point.

Here we go then - a few pictures of the infantry sprues from Battlefront's Flames of War starter set - Open Fire! There are already videos posted on my YouTube channel ( showing off the Sherman (and Stug tanks on other videos). Now, although these are from the previous starter set - Achtung! - they are just about the same, though in green plastic for the Sherman/Firefly models.

The Open Fire! set is fantastic. The infantry (German troops and US Airborne) are superbly detailed and in fantastic poses. There are helpful bases with slots to put the troops in. There are guides to modelling, painting, basing the units correctly and expanding your units. There are counters and flat scenery.You get a great deal for your money and can get going really easily with the quick start rules and two small 'armies' ( a small-sized, full version of the rules is included too). I couldn't be more happy - or could I?

My one and only gripe is that I can't get hold of the paints that they suggest on their own website. They used to do Infantry sets of Vallejo paints - but these seem to be unavailable at the moment. So you need to buy individual ones - and that's the advice from Battlefront themselves - not all those are appear to be around all  either of the time. Ho hum... I'll be patient, hopefully they will have something up their sleeves!
Some more pictures -


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