Thursday, 12 August 2010

More what I've done...

You'll be pleased to know that this week I have been mostly reading comics. Managed to get through BPRD volumes 9 to 13- which was was quite an effort, and then Hellboy volume 10. All of which were splendid. I like the way BPRD is staying away from too much Hellboy crossover. I am enjoying the march of the 'frogs', although if I am being completely honest, I found the the idea of Daimio's story a little odd. Nevertheless a great read and the art creates pace and atmosphere effectively.Have a look at the art in Volume 13 Ba and Moon's work is pretty cool I think. I could write something more intellectual - but all you need to know I guess is that they were well worth the money from Amazon.

Next up Hellboy volume10  - this drifted away from the Excalibur storyline (I'll try to avoid too many spoilers...) and into strange dreams! I thought the Fegrodo art was inspired. It seems distant from Mignola initially but you soon warm to the way a real sense of manic darkness is created.
I'm now embarking on readin' Mouseguard Autumn 1152 - I'll let you know...

Lastly , a bit of goblin progress ...

I've also done some work on my Space Wolves Rune Priest, but I think I ought to do some more work before I brag about any 'progress' there!


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