Thursday, 19 August 2010

A little more done, but watch out for the cat...

Just so you know, I have done a little more on this Rune Priest figure. I played with the shading and highlights along with the colouring on the shoulder pads and pistol. Touched up the hair too. The changes are subtle but I did do some - honest. I did swear at the cat though because it knocked the figure over and the arm came off. Oh yes, I did swear.

Also 'on the table' are my fist ever completed unit (I'm ashamed to say). Theses were relatively quick and easy to do, although I kept missing bits and had to go back a number of times. For instance I only just noticed I hadn't painted the bags on the back of these little Goblin fellas. Anyways here you go - done and done.

And look a tray too!

This lot next...

Last thing to add, I made an impulse purchase last week - look an Iron Kingdoms figure! Bought for trying out painting techniques - also to see what Privateer Press models were like. This was only £3.18 or something silly. Must say though, that the quality is excellent - I am impressed !

Valeria Alvaro, Ordic Pistoleer. Cool enough.


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