Monday, 11 January 2010

It's a snow day.

Here we go again, a day off for snow so I thought I'd add some grey rock and some snow. Got the snow flock from GW but was a bit disappointed with the first layer. Added a bit of watered down skull white then a second layer, looked a bit better but it's all trial and error init. Added grey base. Spose I'll do the gems next, extreme highlights and other details.

But then the new model arrived and you gotta make a start somewhere - cool Rune Priest even if I do Say so... I'd seen the figure a few times and so bought it along with the Space Wolves accessory sprue and shoulder pads for Grey Hunters. Still planning to see if I can get two squads out of one pack if I judiciously use the new sprue plus everyday marines bitz.

It does look a whole mess of details though so I reckon it'll be months of work.......ho hum.


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