Tuesday, 26 January 2010

Aha Fables!

I've just read Fables 8, 9 and 10 and I have to say they were well worth the wait. I ordered at Forbidden Planet online just before Christmas, and although they only came last week - they were good value and shipping was only £3 for 3.
The covers alone are fantastic, beautifully drawn and coloured. The stories didn't disappoint either although I do think I need an evil twist right now as the 'goodies' are in the ascendancy. There were some thoughtful touches in the story of Fly, as Prince Ambrose - even if it did smack a little of Aragorn and the dead army in LOTR. Nevertheless, there is a real sense of character in each of the episodes and I suppose the key measure of their quality is that I'm eagerly anticipating the next installments.
The only other graphic novels I have been reading recently have been the Preacher series - a whole different world in terms of gore, foul language, drunkenness and violence. Hooray for that!


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