Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A little bit o' progress...

Back from holiday which meant work has been a bit full on. Starting to get the hang of it again though.

Did a bit on the 'project', but still feel I'm rushing at it slightly as I don't really find I have the time to spend an afternoon or so on it. Consequently, it's all been rather piecemeal and I feel I keep losing the thread of what I'm doing. For instance, went to do an extreme highlight in Space Wolves Grey, then white, but I now think it looks a bit too 'extreme' and I reckon I'll end up toning it down somewhat.
Used scorched brown and Shadow grey as a wash between armour plates. Didn't look quite right, so then used some chaos black in the mix too -looked better to me... built up the hair from bestial brown , through blazing orange and added bleached bone to mix for highlights. Put a wash of devlan mud then ogryn flesh over it - probably didn't quite come out as orangey/gingery as I thought it would. Lastly added metallic colours. Brown ink over shining gold and Badab black wash over the boltgun metal.
Still a long way off finishin'.

Anyway here are the inadequate images I've got to show where I'm up to.

Next step will be - face/eyes/beard, the purity seals and shoulder pads. After that the smaller details such as jewels and teeth. Will be using normal space marine back pack and adding a tail...


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