Tuesday, 24 November 2009

... and a little bit more..

Managed to get some more done at the weekend. A slow process to be sure, but not necessarily an unsatisfying one. Wish I could get better pictures with the digital camera I'm using.

Ho hum. Nevertheless, here we are. Face done, eyes not too wonky. Shoulder pads a grubby Golden yellow, which I think I'll keep like that. Could make them nice and bright but that doesn't really match the model's overall feel I don't think.Did the skulls and bone colours and finished pelts and teeths...
There's still a degree of tidying up to do in terms of 'rough' edges, highlighting and making the armour colour 'cleaner' in places. All in all though, it's getting there. Made a healthy change from the Ultra Marines,did this one. Grey Hunter next.


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