Thursday, 15 October 2009

Space Wolves project

Just received consignment of new GW Space Wolves sprues, located relevant paints and setting myself ready. Sense I can get 20 figures from the large number of items on the sprues. Will have to add a tactical squad box - to get Blood Claws, Grey Hunters and a couple of Wolf Guard in the end.
General quality of Codex is great, though beware all ye newcomers. This isn't going to be a gaming blog really -more hobbyist rant. So I won't be saying too much about the quality of new developments in the rules.
So I'll post my rather slow and laboured progress.
Currently considering what kind of wash to use over the armour plates GW suggest Scorched earth and Shadow grey. I.m aiming for a finish not too light 'blue' and not too dark grey. May continue to use scheme suggested by GW in new White Dwarf.
Feel free to comment....

But, steady there, one thing at a time. Tattoo this weekend, then holiday the week after.
And what about those other urgent projects lying around?


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