Friday, 21 February 2014

Let's play another game - Ascension Apprentice Edition

Playmat, quick rules and tokens included with the cards.

Welcome one and all to the next installment of 'Let's play a game'...
Today I'll be writing about a game that has got me just a bit intrigued. Many will complain about what I think are its strengths - indeed I've heard them complain so on the interweb. But for me, I'm a little hooked.

 It's very simple see, and that helps me as a bear of little brains. Long words confuse me. The game goes as follows - this is for the starter kit edition only, not the base pack. Though this is now on my wish list!

Two player (you can play more with other versions). Fixed number of victory tokens (60 here). Same starting hands for each player. Shuffle and take 5 as your first hand, when all played, other player goes, you draw five more then shuffle all together each time you have none left. You need to defeat monsters or acquire heroes by playing cards from your hand. As you acquire heroes or defeat monsters from the row on offer infront of you, replace them from the main deck. Meanwhile your deck grows as you acquire new heroes and you take rewards from the victory token pile until all tokens are gone. The game then ends. You count the value of tokens and the printed values on the cards. The highest total wins.

And that's about it. Except for the second thing that many complain about - the art on the cards themselves. Not MTG style at all and, yes, down to personal taste, but I likes 'em and feel that they are a 'breath of fresh air.'

So why the 'hooked' label earlier? Speed of play. Ease of play. Teachable to others in two minutes flat. No set up time to speak of. Limited victory point pool brings the game to a concise end. Some strategy.

Of course there is some strategy. How to mange resources. Which cards to defeat or acquire. How to 'chain' effects. There are four factions which do have linking abilities and work together in different ways. Some cards have ongoing effects. So - just enough strategy to maintain all of the advantages mentioned above.

For me  -  a great alternative to MTG and no boosters needed - though there are the obligatiory expansions! Heartily recommend this one!


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