Friday, 31 January 2014

Let's play a game - Forbidden Island.

Dear readers,
Allow me to bring you the first in a series of 'brief' board game reviews. It seems, these days, that the rise and rise of the board game is on the rise. At work a couple of game nights have sprung up, the Youtube channel Geek and Sundry cracks on apace, there's Watchitplayed and, of course, Beer and Board games for your delight and delectation. So what can I add? My friends, only the humblest of opinions...
And here I write with reference to those games that I have had a stab at over the last few weeks. Beginning with Forbidden Island.

A very simple game, yet fraught with tension and suspense. Your quest? Find the treasures. Of course! But mind out, the island is sinking to leave you in the swim and with little chance of rescue. Gather the treaures in time - or drown...

So what do you do? Travel round tiles which flip over to show they are sinking. Collect cards to colect the treasures, perform actions to stay alive all before the tiles flip and disappear leaving you stranded.

This is a great game - lots of replayability since your character gets different abilities depending on which one you are playing  - and the tiles rest in a different order each game. Yes, it's not complex, and if you play on easy mode you won't get much of a thrill. Also, don't expexct to be sitting for hours working on fabulously complex strategies. This game flies along and is great for those new to games and experienced alike - though some may see it as more of a 'filler'. Played with my son, lots of negotiation to play this co-operative game effectively. You can raise the danger level by turning more treasure cards per round - but you'll sink quicker too! A downside? Not infinitely replayable with the same group - but I'm looking forward to the next version Forbidden Desert.

Have at it! Recommended.


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