Thursday, 31 October 2013

Malifaux: Lady Hammerstrike, the beginning!

So, last month, knowing that a new Malifaux was on it's way - and knowing that there's going to be a whole bunch of new plastics and a new rulebook - I took the 'Malifaux plunge'. That is to say, I already had the old 1.5 rulebook but no minis. However, I didn't want to miss the old Viktoria's set before it went out of print, so to speak.
To that end here is Lady Hammerstrike with the base colours painted. The arm is metal/silver with blue /brown wash. the hair is going to be a deep red. White/beige top and denim /black jeans. brass/copper/silver hammer.
We'll see how it goes.
 I really like the figures in the pack. It'll probably mean I'll 'have to' purchase the 2e rulebook, but what the hey.


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