Sunday, 18 August 2013

Flames Of War, painting infantry update - now with the rural bases!

This post is so that you can have a look-see at the way the Flames Of War Rural Bases Set looks. In no way do I claim to be a professional. I haven't got it all looking great by any means, but I did find that these bases enable you to get more varied looks to your infantry bases with minimal extra effort. The only thing is that you still have to patch up the figures' bases. This takes some doing with the minis from the Open Fire! set because the plastic infantry have thicker bases than metal ones. This means that a certain amount of trimming/fiddling is required to get the figures to fit neatly into the slots on the Rural bases.

But there are lots of good details so that when looking at the tabletop you don't get that sense of repetitious uniformity that often comes with painting lots of units at once.

Step one  -  making the mud look like mud. You can see the wheel ruts on the US Parachute Rifle team base. On the German infantry base there are rocks and logs....

It's better than bad, it's good... LOG (TM).
And then then you add a bit of grassy stuff and you get this ...

Hopefully, you can still see the ruts and logs. These bases are fun to use and you can even adapt the slots for the minis with tabs to fit in to the larger empty slots - again helping to provide loads of options for variety. A decent buy.


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