Monday, 29 July 2013

Flames Of War - German Grenadier PaK 40, painted and based.

Today's post will focus on progress I've made on the Open Fire starter set - and in particular the German PaK40 anti-tank gun.

Step one = paint the German gun crew just like the figures in the previous post, with a selection of GW (metal) P3 (wood and leather) and Vallejo (uniforms).

Troops on a stick.

Step two = paint the gun, just like the StugG.

Two step.

Step three = dry fit on base. Then add a little GW mud effect textured paint over base.


Step four = build up a small dry-wall out of bits of slate. I used superglue then repainted the rocks to cover the glue marks.

four - glued wall

Step five = cover base and any gaps/holes with thin layer of Stirland Mud from GW.

With dry brushed wall.

Step 6 = Add clumps of grass. Not that happy with the GW grass clumps, the colour is a bit useless but from a distance and at eye-level, it's OK.


Step seven = add rest of static grass and sand/mud effect under wheels and loading area of gun.

more grass

Step eight = Add gun and ...
see gun here

Finally add crew over left gun trail and photo in natural light!


All in all, a decent day's work.


Anonymous said...

hey there, i really appreciate your work on that pak40 :) can you tell which colors you used for it? vallejo?
did you use any varnish? if so, is this a dull one?
what's the color for that stone wall's brush?

regards, ben

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