Friday, 28 June 2013

Flames of War - painted US Parachute Rifle HQ and Grenadierkompanie team.

In this post you can have a gander at the first troops I've painted up from the Flames Of war - 'Open Fire' starter set.
The first ones up are the US Parachute HQ and a Grenadierkompanie team with a Panzerfaust. I've used a combination of GW, P3 paints and Vallejo paints. Basically I've followed the painting-by-numbers guides in the 'Open Fire' set and mixed and matched where I've needed to. There are also a variety of guides and tips on Battlefront Games' website.
The uniforms, helmets and equipment have Vallejo paints, wood and leather was P3 browns and, of course, there was a brown GW wash thrown in there somewhere. Metals were GW too. Faces GW with the fleshwash.
Overall - pleased with the results. Love the poses and look forward to getting the rest off them on the table and painted during the summer. Fun but fiddly. Not for the faint-hearted and require patience if not lots of skill.

First a bit like this.

The a bit like this

Then the finished bunch.


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