Thursday, 30 May 2013

Dystopian legions ; Steampunk crazy Britannia.

At the moment I'm juggling a lot of things on the painting table. One day I got carried away and jumped, in a bit of a rush, into painting one of the Dystopian Legions Britannia infantry troops. Then it all ground to a halt for a while and Flames Of War took over , then I did a little more. Then I paused again... Not a great deal to do though, so here is a progress update on it.

For the record most paints are GW :

Macragge Blue - Blue wash then Ultramarine blue for the trousers.
Mechrite Red - Blood red, brown wash then Blood Red for the tunic.
The helmet  = Bleached Bone and brown wash with Bleached Bone/white highlights.
Pouches/webbing white, sepia wash, then white again.

Early on.

Then a bit later on.

As always, the model looks a complete 2-and-8 at this point, but then nearer the end of the process it sorts itself out somehow. I dunno, I suppose it's some form of magic.


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