Friday, 26 April 2013

Flames of War - some more tanks. Sherman V StuG G

AS you will see from the images below, there has been some minor progress on the painting front. These tanks are quite easy to knock out, so they are a satisfactory 'stop-gap' to keep me topped up until my next holiday break allows me to indulge a bit more. Having said that - a few Vallejo paints arrived the other day so I might sneak in a few bits of infantry painting when no one is looking... those fantastic little plastics are so inviting.

Sherman V from the side.

From above.

German StuG G stuF F

Group photo everyone, no shoving at the back.

 All painted using Battlefront paint schemes and Vallejo paints. The hard part is stippling carefully to achieve a careful a camouflage effect when carefully putting on camouflage. It's a bit of a pain. Just the lil' fella in the command SuG G and the decals on a coupla StuG Gs to do.


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