Thursday, 30 August 2012

Warmachine - Painting Cygnar Coleman Stryker - Last part!

I'm not going to post another update on Stryker after this one. He's just about done and there's only some 'tidying up' to do, as I'll explain later.

Step 9. Beginning to add the cloak colour = P3 Menoth White Base mixed withe P3 Gun Corps Brown at first. Cloak trim and shoulder 'pad' was P3 Exile Blue (as s base) to P3 Cygnar Blue Base then to  P3 Cygnar Blue Highlight with P3 Arcane Blue mixed in for soft highlights.

 Step 10 - added arm with colours as before. The 'glow' was done in the same way as the blue trim but adding GW Azurmen Blue wash before final P3 Arcane Blue and GW Skull White to highlight. There was also a watered down blue wash over the sword and heavier wash around the 'glow'.

The blue on the holster is as on the blue trim.

 Step eleven. I continued to add to highlights on cloak by adding a little GW Skull White to The P3 Menoth White Base. I ensured a thin layer of P3 Gun Corps Brown and P3 Menoth White Mix was washed into recesses of cloak and around trim to allow for shading/definition. however this is something I think I need to return to to make the transition a a little more smooth. It looks too much like a defined band and I'd like the shading to be more gradual.

Drybrush base with P3 Battfield Brown to P3 Gun Corps Brown to P3 Menoth White Base. Add grass to taste.

Ta da!


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