Saturday, 23 June 2012

More Mercenaries. Magnus The Traitor - step one.

Here is step one ! A reasonable sculpt quite dramatic and part of the Mercenaries Battlegroup set offered by Privateer Press. Here be Magnus the Traitor.

So what have we we got here then?

Back of cloak and shoulders - Traitor Green (P3 paint) with Devlan Mud wash (GW).
Inner cloak - Battle Dress green (P3 paint) with Devlan Mud wash (GW).
Trousers - Hammerfall Kaki (P3) with Gryphonne Sepia (GW wash).
Boots  - Bootstrap Leather (P3) with Devlan Mud wash (GW).
Metal - Chainmail with Badab Black wash (both GW).
Gold - will be Shining Gold with Gryphonne Sepia/Devlan Mud wash (GW).

Next will be building up some lighrter highlights and getting the gold to match the Mangler (see previous posts). But when who knows? And I have to pin the arms and slap on the backpack. Oh and did I mention that Dannon Blythe and Bull arrived? And The Black 13th? So much to do, so little time....again.


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