Sunday, 20 May 2012

The end of The Mangler - PP Mercenary madness!

And here you go. The just finished Mercenary Mangler, painted and ready to go. In actual fact I think I found it easier than many 40K minis that I've painted, though it's not very 'mini'. It's a decent size. Not too complicated to put together, nice and sturdy. Enough detail but not too much! I did lose patience with some of the highlighting, so some of it was a bit rushed and a little rough round the edges. I also didn't clean the flash off very well, this was my first PP model and I missed some of it in my enthusiasm to get going... I also struggled a little getting a balance between using Devlan Mud wash and keeping a cleaner feel to the paint job. In the end I washed then overbrushed. I used both P3 and GW paints. Basically  - P3 = Battledress Green, Gun Corps Brown. GW = the metal colours.
See what you think, let me know.

In the light!

Oops, forgot to show the back!


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