Sunday, 25 March 2012

The Mangler! Mercenaries on their way...

It has take ages but I'm getting my two factions underway. Cygnar and Mercenary battleboxes undercoated and The Mangler started. Some consternation over colour scheme. I kept the Traitor Green but added in Gun Corps brown as the 'contrasting' colour. Struggling with the washes slightly as they look k a bit streaky to me and I'm not getting a  consistency of colour. Nevertheless, the models look fantastic, solid, thoughtfully detailed. Better then a Dreadnought I'd say.Using golds (GW) and brown washes for the metal trim. Happy days.
Poor photo follows -

 I'm mainly using P3 paints and am still getting used to them. They are very different to GW paints but similar theories apply. Practise!
PS Looking forward to the new GW paints and paint guide to see what's on offer!


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