Thursday, 18 August 2011

The end of Preacher - by Ennis/Dillon

I thought I'd make sure that I rounded off the Preacher series with a mini-review, and then list some of the things that should be coming up.

First off, let me say that Ennis and Dillon did a grand job on the series overall. I knew the work of these guys of old and it doesn't disappoint. The artwork is clear, confident and packs a punch. I adore the Fabry covers included in the trade paperbacks. There are also some great illustrations at the end too. The narrative is thoughtful, the interplay between he characters is interesting and, to an extent, very 'human', despite the storyline. The storyline itself progressed quite interestingly in the first half of the series. I enjoyed the oddities, the seediness and the gratuitous violence. The one criticism that I might have is that, by the last volume (The Alamo), I already sort of knew where the story was going to end up. It felt a little too familiar and I think this lessened the impact of the final dramatic narrative 'punches'. The Saint of Killers is an absolutely fantastic creation though!
Up and coming graphic novel reports from me will include the next few volumes (up to v.8) of the excellent black and white zombie series The Walking Dead. Then we have - The Boys (Ennis again) up to volume 5, Alan Moore's The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen : Century 1969, Willingham's fabulous Fables  - volumes 14 and 15, Mignola's The Amazing Screw on Head...
Then there's the Lord Of the Rings LCG to consider along with the rulebooks for Dark Age Games, Malifaux and Warmachine : Wrath.
I'll let you know about them all ... if ever I have time!!


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