Sunday, 8 May 2011

Another Warhammer Fantasy effort...

Again I've come to realise that I, all to often, start things I know I can't finish in any kind of reasonable time span. I'm still on the Skull Pass set and the rules have changed in the meanwhile...pfft... But I'll persist. I like the idea of WFB game, though the rules 'do my head in'. I don't mind lots of rules per se. I just know that the number of 'rules lawyers' and pedantic divvys is in direct relation to the number of rules. I see this as only a game. Flawed, complex, engaging. You'd think that from the comments of some of the forum contributors that it was oh so much more than that. I digress... Here are the next offerings on my journey...

Yes, goblins.

 The squig is beginning to look good and I'm adding a colour scheme to some of the goblins so that there is a whole unit feel on the table top.

Riders on spiders.

Ah. This lot have black spiders.I did a (blood) red tester model. It did look good but added too much extra time. This is only black with highlights of Codex Grey. Straightforward and effective. I've added a bit Of Dheneb Stone between the spider's plates and that does enough to elevate it beyond basic. Especially with the use of drybrushing on the carapace and a few washes here and there.

Onwards and upwards.

PS If you get a chance to see episodes of 'The Game Of Thrones' from Sky Atlantic or HBO... you must.


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