Thursday, 21 April 2011

Rune Priest ... are we nearly there yet?

After what seems like an eternity. No, it was an eternity. I think I'm finished. Started in January last year, got to this point at Christmas...

Then just got to this point now...

This was taken in daylight, which is quite a flattering way of taking a picture. I added some flock, for deepish snow. Gave the face a thin GW Ogryn flesh wash to reduce some of the elf flesh pale qualities. Put the back pack on (see later pic). Added rune to knee and wolf head transfer to shoulder. Runes on other shoulder pad painted in same colours as power weapon.
So you can compare pics here are a couple more, with base painted.

Added a skull to back pack for effect.

Well. Longer than I could ever have thought, and even now I suppose I shall touch up a few bits before finally saying 'toodles'....meh.


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