Friday, 11 March 2011

New horizons and .... Tannhauser!!!!!!!!

And so, I know it's a long time since my last blog. And yes, I know that I've been a very naughty boy (and therefore not the messiah). And so, here goes... Here's what I've been up to.

Painting, er well, I did a bit on the Rune Priest. He's nearly finished. Snow to add and backpack, then done. The never ending project I calls it.

Graphic Novels - The Walking Dead is great! I've read volumes 1 - 4 and caught some of the TV programmes too. I like the thoughtful storytelling, the atmospheric art and the sense of tension that runs throughout. A good job done by all. It's a very 'now' concept...the end of the world as we know it. And it deals powerfully with all of the moral ambiguity that would entail. I've also read a couple more Preacher and enjoyed the stridently and unashamedly explicit and enthusiastically realised 'The Boys' - another fabulously over the top, yet intriguing offering from Mr G Ennis (and co.) All heartily recommended.

TV stuff - The Pacific, in the style of Band of Brothers is also something I have been 'dipping in' to. I must say that it hasn't caught my imagination in the same way. The characters are less defined and the camera spends a lot of time focusing on a specific character in each episode, meaning we never really get a coherent sense of a group dynamic. This was a real strength of BoB. Nevertheless, the conditions of Pacific warfare do come across strongly and the battlefield moments are as graphically conveyed as anything else out there.

Finally GAMES stuff  - Have now done a couple of YouTube posts introducing the game of Tannhauser which I got over Christmas. I'm still a real newbie but as the posts progress things'll improve. I also bought a few MTG cards and bits and bobs which I play now and again. Still rubbish at it, but it's a larf - and that's what I do it for. Don't you? I did buy the Cygnar Warmachine book, but I mostly bought that for reading at the moment.

Another time 'black hole' has been Fallout : New Vegas (surprisingly few glitches) and recently Mass Effect 2. I'm really impressed with both of them. Admittedly, New Vegas is Fallout 3, but it takes the game forward in a number of respects and still allows for engaging and engrossing RPG play. Which I heart. Mass Effect 2 is also well crafted with interesting nuances and bits to find and explore. My son plays this too (15yrs) but just likes to shoot things (He's a Black Ops Vet), in spite of this he's getting a lot out of the game too.

I think that about covers it  ... please view the You Tube posts below and - cheers!


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