Tuesday, 25 May 2010

Next step on Rune Priest...

Got on a little with the project, although work and family commitments have slowed the process down somewhat. As you can see (just), on the power axe I have added a blue electric haze building up from regal blue, through to ice blue then white. A little blue ink to glaze too.

The face was troublesome. I hadn't painted one for a while and it took a lot of sorting out and I still don't quite think it's there yet. But better than it was though. White hair with shadow grey undercoat. Pelt built up from bestial brown through to vermin Brown and bleached bone. Ending with Gryphonne sepia and Devlan Mud Washes.

Photographs - to my eternal shame -still poor. Apologies to all who see these ones!

Next up retouch shading and power armour -adding highlights perhaps. Then shoulder and knee. Then weapons. Finish with the details. all seems logical, but time is the key as always.


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