Friday, 9 April 2010

New Avenues...

As I don't have time for anything, I have decided to see what else there is out there to not have time for. As you can imagine this takes time, organisation and a little effort. Plus some 'spare' cash.

First off - I was trawling the net looking at different gaming figures when I came across the Wyrd Miniatures and Privateer Press websites. Suddenly my eyes widened. I saw some fantastic figures for the Warmachine game and Malifaux - one of the other key plus points seems to be the fact that you don't need as many models as 40K to get going. So I ordered a couple of back issues of the magazine 'No quarter' (Warmachine) plus the Warmachine rule book. Just to see. Curious to know what else is 'out there'. I also had look at the online community for warmachine and Youtube and it all seems quite positive.

And then...some Magic TG cards tuned up (9th ed. core/starter) and I began playing with my son (only 11) but we got going pretty speedily. We had already had some experience with World Of Warcraft cards, and though we'll never be experts, we made a pretty good fist of starting off. He tends to win ... I tend to take his advice. It was a good starter pack - a DVD ROM, a script to follow and some basic cards for two players. I couldn't have asked for more for the princely sum of less than a tenner off of Amazon. No Planeswalkers but I don't think that our experience can take that quite yet anyway. I've got a few boosters so let's see how that goes.

I ought to note at this point, that my son and I had our first game of Space Hulk this week and yet again I lost -although apparently as Space Marines, this is pretty likely to be your fate! I'll review the game a bit more when I have played both sides.

Also when surfing I saw a couple of graphic novels -Hellboy 9 and BPRD 6. Some light reading , which I am really looking forward to.

Finally, I was intrigued by two more games -Warhammer:Invasion a card /board game (Living Card Game!) and Incursion a kind of space Hulk with Zombies and super soldiers. But I need more pocket money before I get them!

Having sorted the loft and back garden this week -I think I am owed some 'me time'. So, more later. I know what'll happen though. I'll never have enough time ...


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