Thursday, 24 December 2009

At last an update on progress!

The batteries on my digital camera went so no pics for a while, then because the Wii remotes ran out I bought a batch... huzzah. Christmas tomorrow, everything all set so time for a little entry as the drunken revellers stagger by the house on their way home.

So next stage was bleached bone highlights, face, eyes, finishing touches to hair and brown strapping etc. All quite fiddly and I'm not entirely happy with the 'staring eyes' effect I accidentally got. However, I know if I try to correct it disaster is likely to ensue. The rest though is OK, although the trouble with digital photography, is of course that it draws attention to the wobbly lines and not so detailed detailing! Still, can't be helped...

I went for a dirty-ish overall feel. Over the pads I put a wash of Gryphonne Sepia and I didn't colour them up to a shiny golden yellow. Added thin red triangle as unit emblem and I faffed around with the wolf decal for ages, of course it doesn't go around the pad very well. The armour plating I left after the washing shadow into the armour plate recesses, I didn't want the blue to be too light. I added some scratch and damage effects but haven't quite done with it yet.

Last bits are the gems on the legs and finishing off the highlighting, the eyes scare me so I may have a go at toning them down...

Getting Space Hulk for Christmas - more posts soon.


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