Monday, 13 February 2012

And then came ..the Cygnar Battlebox...

I had bought a few bitz and pieces from 'Gifts For Geeks' website before, so I returned to their online store and bought a bit you do. To be honest though, while I've been pleased with the customer service - they've always returned my emails - it's a little irritating to order something online, which appears to be in stock, but isn't really. Or am I just part of the'I can't wait' generation?
In the end I should have a dozen paints or so (I'll use GW metallics and inks) and to go with the Mercenary  Battlebox (Magnus) I'll have Dannon Blythe and Bull and for Cygnar - The Black 13th. Now I don't know whether or not that makes things even. I'll deal with that later. All I'm interested in at the moment is to get a couple of factions to oppose each other, so I can work on the rules. Eventually I'll run a Cygnar/Mercenaries variety of forces. Why? The minis are cool that's why.
Now - given my track record on painting - I suspect they'll be unpainted for a little while yet. Nevertheless the models themselves are good, so I'm looking forward to having a bash at them. Green for the Mercenaries and desert scheme for Cygnar. (See No Quarter #32).


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