Monday, 19 October 2009

Small, scrappy step 2

I've added some basic colours - just to see. Reasonably happy with these 'undercoats'. Haven't quite painted them as well as I normally do because a) I was in a hurry, c) it was getting dark and b) these models are quite fiddly because they are so darn detailed! Next time I am going to leave the arms and/or shoulder pads off. I normally do do this but I wanted to build just one quickly 'cause I was impatient. Next step = better light, touch up armour plates, block in black bits, then wash with blue/brown mix in the joins.
Might try to be more patient too.

Starting the Space Wolves poject with a small step.

Well, the first attempt begins with a Blood Claw. Glued and undercoated as shown. Note to self -not too grey, not too blue. Saw a sound tutorial on The Gamers Guild pages but I think I'll also refer to the 'Eavy Metal advice in WD358. Off we go...

Saturday, 17 October 2009

Jobs done.

Had the 'haircut sir', had the tattoo, jobs done. Have now been told that we fly in at 3.55am on the morning I start back at work after the holiday. I think I'm probably driving back from the airport too. Happy, Happy, Joy, Joy...

All credit due to Tex at Diablo Ink. Very tidy job, a smart bloke and an outrageous Hellboy fan. Cheers Zombie Tex!

Aha, the light!

Ah, so daylight is better, but still not there yet.

Thursday, 15 October 2009

Current projects IG

Here's a Cadian figure currently in progress, you might notice the Forge World accessories - the backpack, helmet and torso with shotgun. They came with a Veterans pack and a Cadian upgrade sprue. Ive gone for a Graveyard Earth and Bleached Bone = brownish/sandy theme, used Devlan Mud wash. Undercoat on uniform of Kemri Brown and armour was Scorched Brown. I found that the Forge World torso and head parts didn't quite fit the Cadian plastic legs - they were too small. This was annoying so I added accessories at the waist to compensate. The resin mouldings weren't that great either. I had to phone up to get them replaced. Give Forge World their due though, they were completely professional about it and it didn't take long to get the new sprues.

An early tank project

An Ultramarines Rhino wot I done using Forge World doors and front panel. This made it miles more interesting to paint and adds a real sense of the dramatic to the model. A little bit of dirt here and there and away you go.

One side...

The front...
The other side...

...and the rear doors ...

Still not sure about the photographer. Someone should learn him how to do it.

An early project

This model is Inquisitor Lorr - a special edition Witch Hunter model produced by GW a few years ago. I used the paint scheme from the White Dwarf which featured him, issued at about the same time. They also produced some background story and some stats.

Still not getting the hang of this photograhic malarky... can't seem to do the model any justice. I suppose I'll have to take pics in daylight really. These were done in the evening. One with flash, the other without.

Space Wolves project

Just received consignment of new GW Space Wolves sprues, located relevant paints and setting myself ready. Sense I can get 20 figures from the large number of items on the sprues. Will have to add a tactical squad box - to get Blood Claws, Grey Hunters and a couple of Wolf Guard in the end.
General quality of Codex is great, though beware all ye newcomers. This isn't going to be a gaming blog really -more hobbyist rant. So I won't be saying too much about the quality of new developments in the rules.
So I'll post my rather slow and laboured progress.
Currently considering what kind of wash to use over the armour plates GW suggest Scorched earth and Shadow grey. I.m aiming for a finish not too light 'blue' and not too dark grey. May continue to use scheme suggested by GW in new White Dwarf.
Feel free to comment....

But, steady there, one thing at a time. Tattoo this weekend, then holiday the week after.
And what about those other urgent projects lying around?

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